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Cray Programming Seminar

publication date : May.22, 2019

We will carry out a Lecture and hands-on training on the Cray XC40 and CS400 programming environment.

※ Supercomputer is under the scope of the Export Administration Regulations. Therefore, these seminars are also restricted under the Foreign Exchange Laws and related laws. Please see "Rules for Use of Supercomputers for Foreign Nationals and Japanese Nationals Residing Overseas " for details.

Rules for Use of Supercomputers for Foreign Nationals and Japanese Nationals Residing Overseas

Lecture is held in English only. Simultaneous interpretation will not be conducted.

Date Jul.22(Mon) 13:00-17:00, Jul.23(Tue) 10:00-12:00
*Two consecutive days.
Venue Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, North building, third floor, 305 Terminal room
Eligibility for participation Supercompuer users (or those who are planning to use)
Application Required
Application Form Acceptance of participation application has ended.
Application Period 2019/06/21 10:00:00 ~ 2019/07/18 16:00:00
Participation How to Apply

Please apply from a dedicated application form.

Capacity 20
Sponsor Research support section
Inquiry Research Information Section, IT Promotion Division, Information Management Department, Kyoto University
Inquiry Form

Day 1

【Cray Programming Environment Workshop for System A and B】

  13:00 - 13:15 Introductions

  13:15 - 13:30 Cray Programming Environment Overview

  13:30 - 13:45 Environment setup

  13:45 - 14:15 The Cray Compilation Environment (CCE)

  14:15 - 14:45 Cray Debugger Support Tools

  14:45 - 15:00 Break

  15:00 - 15:15 Cray MPI

  15:15 - 16:00 Performance measurements with CrayPat

  16:00 - 16:30 Reveal

  16:30 - 17:00 Examples, case studies, and Q&A

Day 2

【Deep Learning Workshop】

  09:00 - 12:00 Cray PE Deep Learning Scalability (DL) Plugin hands-on training

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