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To all faculty and staff who are going to leave Kyoto University or to transfer to another department/position in April (excluding part-time lecturer off-campus).

publication date : Mar.12, 2021

SPS-ID and KUMail, which is issued to all Faculty and Staff(excluding part time lecturer off-campus) won't be available in leaving KyotoUniverity.
In case of being transferred or leaving, please make a preparation referring to below.

◆In case your employment relationship with Kyoto University continues due to personnel changes

You can keep using the same SPS-ID and KUMail address as your current ones. No procedures will be required.

◆In case you leave Kyoto University or transfer out of Kyoto University

1. Back up all necessary e-mails.
Before your SPS-ID expires, please save your e-mails and prepare them to be transferred to the new e-mail environment.
2. Mail forwarding settings
If your forwarding email address is fixed before your SPS-ID expires, please set up email forwarding.
E-mails sent to the KUMail address will be forwarded to the forwarding address for 360 days after retirement.
Please be sure to read the following FAQ.
3. Confirmation of the forwarding address setting for lifetime email addresses
Full-time faculty and staff members are issued a lifetime email address.
Please contact the External Relations Division of the General Affairs Department of Kyoto University for more information about Lifetime Email.
Contact for services for alumni of Kyoto University
URL: http://hp.alumni.kyoto-u.ac.jp/kuon_alumni/
4. If you are the person in charge of VLAN management of the network or the user of VM/web hosting service, please change the administrator.
Please follow the instructions below.

◆Network VLAN managers etc

Faculty and Staff Certification System (Groupware) > Business Link > Network Application, etc. > KUINS Connection Device Registration Database

◆VM/WEB Hosting users

If you are registered as a user of the VM or web hosting service, please go to the following URL to change your registration.
URL: http://www.iimc.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/services/whs/use/post_14.html

◆Activities on Database for research (DB for teaching staff)users

Only the data of Faculty and Staff in KYoto University is released on Activities on Database for research and once you leave, data of those who left can't be browsed nor be written.
Please write and save the necessary data while you are in Kyoto University.Also it's linked to researchmap by JSTの researchmap.
Please check the following so that you can use the information in researchmap .
*Log in to URL:https://researchmap.jp/ and check if the mail address registered in 「マイポータル」is valid after being transferred.
* Please refer to the manual of research.jp for use and log in to researchmap .

◆University-wide Zoom license users

Zoom accounts with a University-wide Zoom license will be suspended due to the separation. The relevant Zoom account will be available until the end of March, so if you need to save reports of past meetings or cloud recordings, please make backups during this time.(by the end of March)

◆Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the acquisition or use of IDs or e-mail addresses, please contact the following
E-mail: support@iimc.kyoto-u.ac.jp

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