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The New International Student Orientation(spring 2021 enrollment)

publication date : Mar.16, 2021

In order to provide a smooth start to your new academic and research life at Kyoto University, the university-wide organization
and the Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences
will hold "Guidance for New Students" for all new students
just before the entrance ceremony to explain how to study common university subjects and campus life, as follows.

The guidance will be provided in two formats:
"Guidance <On-demand Streaming>"
(including AED training, which will be provided simultaneously online over three days
for each faculty and department)
"Guidance <On-demand Streaming>"
(which includes detailed explanations of each topic via video streaming on demand).

The purpose and content of both are different, so please take all of them.

This guidance will be delivered by video via the Kyoto University learning support system "PandA".

Guidance (Live Streaming): April 2 (Fri.), 5 (Mon.), 6 (Tue.), 2021

Faculty and staff in charge will explain the main points of common subjects
and precautions for campus life in a live voice.

Guidance (On-demand): March 29 (Mon.) - April 7 (Wed.), 2021

The "Guidance (on-demand transmission)" will provide more detailed explanations
in addition to the "Guidance (live transmission)".

Please be sure to attend this session as well
and check the following URL for the details of both guidance sessions.


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