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Safety confirmation system

安否確認システムとは / Safety Confirmation System:


It is a system to quickly confirm the safety of Kyoto University's students, faculty and staff members when a large earthquake or other disaster occurs. All KU's students, faculty and staff members are required to report their safety status through the system in case of an emergency.

お知らせ / Notice

  • 安否確認の訓練を2018/7/3(火曜)に実施します
    Kyoto University will conduct a university-wide safety confirmation drill on July 3, 2018 (Tuesday).

安否登録 / register your safety status

Please register your safety status from lower button.

It is strongly recommended to add a bookmark of the webpage to the safety registration screen beforehand for an emergency.

安否登録の手順および注意点 / For the details of the safety registration procedures

お問い合わせ / Inquiry

830riskkanrikakari * mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp
(*をアットマークにしてください / please replace * with the @ mark.)


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