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ECO Meeting

For the purpose of the reduction of creating materials and the cost due to the paperless of conference materials, we are providing the SaaS type ECO Meeting using iPad.
This service is available if only users have iPad and never requires the server individually.
This service is available limited per department.(It's managing with 20 departments and more than 900 iPad as a total as of 2015FY.)

Wirelss LAN on-campus provided by KUINS is available required in the conference system with iPad.
It's not necessary to arrange the Wirelss LAN environment in the deparment with this and it enables users to carry out the ECO meeting without the restriction of the place.

The other features are as follows.

  • Starting with the function for voting and one for agenda, it implements the high needs functions in department
  • Carrying out the high security measure

For use, application is required.
There is an application form. Please fill in the application form and submit it here.

"Cabinet" in portal>[Document Sharing] ⇒ [Institute for Information Management and Communication] ⇒ [15iPad ECO meeting Service]
※It's limited to the use per deparment.


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