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ORCID profile connection system (RIS-ORCID)

Login to RIS-ORCID system

This service is available only from the internal network of the KUINS.
If you wish to use ris-orcid from the internet, VPN connection
( is required.

About ORCID profile connection system (RIS-ORCID)

ORCID profile connection system (RIS-ORCID) supports the official publication of the employment and activity records at Kyoto University on ORCID and oppositely retrieving registry data from ORCID.

In particular, RIS-ORCID provides the following functions on the user's ORCID registry, which is connected to the system through the authentication process by the user.

  • Put the personal URL of Kyoto University Activity Database (京都大学教育研究活動データベース) on the "Web sites" section of ORCID.
  • Put the employment history at Kyoto University on "Employment" section of ORCID (The employment records which are valid on or after 2004/4/1 are registered).
  • Download the content of the ORCID registry, which "visibility setting" is "everyone" or "trusted parties." (this function will be implemented in future)

How to use

Step 1: Get or confirm your ORCID iD

The user should have a valid ORCID iD (visit to learn about it). You should verify your iD by signing-in at, otherwise, get new ORCID iD at

Step 2: Login to RIS-ORCID

The user visits and logs in using SPS-ID (this is the credential for Kyoto University IT systems, not for

Step 3: Approve RIS-ORCID system connecting to your ORCID registry

3.1: Firstly, the user clicks "connect and authenticate ORCID iD" located at the "read only" row of the "ORCID Authentication" section.


3.2: You will move to the page at which prompts sign-in or register to ORCID. You might have a valid ORCID iD at Step 1, so you click "Sign in" link and proceed it. (This step might be skipped if you already signed-in to ORCID on the same browser.)


3.3: displays the page to approve connection of RIS-ORCID to your ORCID registry. You should confirm the name shown on the page and privileges applied on this connection, and then push the "Approve" button.


3.4: You are back to RIS-ORCID page and find your ORCID iD is displayed correctly.


3.5: You run the same steps for the "read and write" row.


Step4: Upload activity records at KU to ORCID

When user's ORCID iD is registered to RIS-ORCID system, "URL to Kyoto University Activity DB" and "(Recent) employment record at Kyoto University" are uploaded to the user's ORCID registry. The upload process runs periodically; however, the user may operate the upload process explicitly. If the "Sync Error" is displayed in any record at "Activity DB URL" or "Employment" section, you may click "re-Sync" button to recover the error explicitly. After that, the ORCID registry will be automatically updated when the records stored at RIS-ORCID system due to promotion, etc.


At your profile page at, You will find that the data is uploaded correctly from the RIS-ORCID and the source of the data is attributed to "Kyoto University" rather than you.



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