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Use of ORCID

Use of ORCID by IIMC

ORCID ( is an international non-profit organization to develop and promote digital infrastructure to identify all who participate in research. ORCID provides an identifier for individuals to enable transparent and trustworthy linking to their contributions and affiliations.

Kyoto University has signed up for an ORCID membership in December 2017. We are integrating ORCID into the Kyoto University systems with permissions of each ORCID holder to achieve the following;

  • Contents and information authorized by Kyoto University, such as employment history, degrees, authorship of publications at the university repository, etc., will be registered in each ORCID record. This integration may reduce the manual maintenance by individuals, and make their ORCID records more trustworthy with authoritative information from the university.
  • Information systems at Kyoto University will collect data from the ORCID repository which are set publicly-visible, also allowed for 'trusted parties' with your explicit permissions. The collected data, which may include publications, patents, employment history, etc., can inform our institutional research and appraisal process.
  • Information systems at Kyoto University will use ORCID as a third-party authentication provider.

IIMC is in operation or development of several services integrated with ORCID. Details of each service, scope of data and data usage policy, are described below.



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