Application for ACCMS ICT Commons (Shared PC Area) Usage


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Application for ACCMS ICT Commons (Shared PC Area) Usage

IIMC will open the ICT Commons (shared computers) area of the Academic Computing & Media Center South Building 1F from October 8, which is trial opening.

The number of people who can use the terminals will be limited and advance application is required in order to permit the use of the terminals while maintaining the standard of infection control. If you wish to use a public computer terminal, please make a request for the date and time you wish to use it at least a day in advance by using the reservation form below on this page. If there are too many people to use the terminal, you will be notified at least one day before the date you wish to use it by e-mail (recieving no notification, you can use the terminal).

<The following are some notes on booking>

* You can make only 1 reservation and spend up to 2 hours at a time.

* The primary target audience for this service is as follows
Students who come to campus for face-to-face lectures,
but take online classes before and after, who can not bring their own computer terminals to the university.
(Depending on the reservation status, other students may not be allowed to use the room.)

* The reservation time should be set according to the class schedule.
Please come to the office in the south building (IIMC) 5-10 minutes prior to the reservation time.

* We will take your temperature and record your entry and exit at the entrance to your room.
Those with a higher than normal fever will not be allowed to enter the room.

* All visitors are required to wear a mask and disinfect their desks, keyboards and mice (disinfectant chemicals are ready in the Commons).

* In the public computer area, there is plenty of space between seats, and there are acrylic boards between desks.


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