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Use of CALL for autonomous learning

Autonomous learning CALL terminals are set up in the 1st floor OSL, in the South Building of the Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies. The terminals have foreign language teaching materials installed on them, which you can use freely whenever the building is open. Individuals who are not taking foreign language classes can also use these terminals. You are asked, however, to bring in your own headphones.

How to use the terminals

Use of materials

You can use the following materials at the autonomous learning terminals.

・English"Introduction to the beauties of Kyoto", multimedia materials jointly created by Kumamoto University and Kyoto University, "Listen to Me!"・French"Visual Guide to French Pronunciation" 1, 2, 3・German"CALL German Grammar", "CALL German DUAL materials"・Chinese"Online Chinese: Learning Chinese with the Panda", "Intermediate Chinese",
"Hello! I'm Li Qingguo", "Advanced Chinese", "Shanghai Kaleidoscope"・Korean"Elementary Korean", "Elementary Korean Conversation", "Practical Korean", "Introduction to Korean"

As of April, 2006


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