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Learning Support System (PandA) FAQ

Note: If you do not want users to be able to download the video, please set the video to private mode before downloading.
  1. Click "マイメディア My Media" in the navigation menu.
  2. Click on the video you want to enable downloading.
  3. Select "Edit" from the "Actions" pull-down menu.
  4. Click on the "Downloads" tab.
  5. Check "Source" in "Available Formats" and click "Save".
  6. After "The information was saved successfully" is displayed, click "Go To Media" to go to the confirmation screen.
  7. The download tab will be added, so you can download the video from there.

After downloading, the download tab will still be visible to users who have access to this video, so if you do not want to allow users to download, follow the procedure to deactivate it.

You can also change the download options from the Media Gallery.

  1. Go to the Media Gallery, move the mouse cursor to the lower corner of the image, and click "...".
  2. Click on the pencil symbol to enter the edit mode.
  3. Once the "Downloads" tab appears, you can configure the settings in the same way as for My Media.


How to delete videos and images in My Media
  1. Click "マイメディア My Media" in the navigation menu.
  2. Click on the trash can icon for a video or an image.
  3. Click on the trash can icon for a video or an image.
How to delete videos and images in a Media Gallery video
  1. Go to the Media Gallery, move the mouse cursor to the lower corner of the image, and click "...".
  2. Click on the pencil symbol to enter the edit mode.
  3. Scroll down the edit screen and click "Delete Entry" in the lower right corner.
  4. Click "Delete" in the confirmation screen.
The above procedure can be used to delete videos and images.


You can share 'one course site" with the plural classes. with adding rosters of others class if you have Instructor role of their classes.

For Example:
  • [2020前月1] CLASS A
  • [2020前水3] CLASS B
  • [2020前金2] CLASS C

If you are Instractor of those. You can create [2020前月1] CLASS A and add Rosters of rest two classes. thus, you can share one site for 3 classes.

  • Click Site Info and click Edit Class Rosters
  • Click Add Roster(s)
      You can show courses what you can add.
  • Check-in rosters what you want to join.
      you can not add rosters if they are gray out because the site already created.
  • Authorizer's username: and Special Instractio: are keep blancs.
  • Click Continue
  • For adding rosters, you should delete other coursesite which you want to join before joining.
    PandA_Rosters.pdf(Japanese version)

When the "Add Oath" option is checked in the Assignment Tool, the student will see a checkbox for the oath shown below and will not be able to submit the assignment without checking this box.



In the Tests & Quizzes, the highest score is displayed by default, so you will only see the highest score at that time if you allow resubmissions. You can check this by switching to "All Submissions" in the view.

TA cannot grade tests/quizzes. You must set them as an instructor.

If you don't want students to see the results of the grading in PandA, you can just save it without "return to student" when you grade it.
However, the results will be reflected in the gradebook at the time of "return to student", so if you want to link with the gradebook, you will need to add the items manually to the gradebook and you will need to post them.
You can restrict the publication of test quizzes to a group.
With this feature, you can register TAs as a group to pre-check your test quizzes.
For more details, please refer to the following: testquiz_group.pdf.
For students
If you want to access the PandA site for a course that you are not registered for in KULASIS, you need that the instractor of that class make register your ID to the site.
If you have an ECS-ID, please be sure to register it by contacting your student number or student email. Never use your personal email. If you register with a personal email address, it may cause duplicate IDs and access to the site may not be possible. Your ECS-ID is available even if you are on a leave of absence. (2020/05)

For Faculty Members
If you would like to enroll a student who is not on the KULASIS roster in your site of PandA,
please refer to the "Manual Registration of Students and Staff of Kyoto University" section of the PandA Instructor's Manual at
If the person is a student of Kyoto University, please register by his student number or his student email (@st.kyoto-u.ac.jp) NOT his personal mail address.

Expand "Copy content from other sites" at the bottom of the resource tools, check the files you want to copy and click.

A "Paste" mark will appear on the original site side, click to paste it into the folder.

PandA does not have a function to confirm attendance. However, you can check that the
student has access to PandA at the specified time, to name a few, performing quizzes in
"Tests & Quizzes" and "Assignments" at the beginning or end of classes, using the "Forums"
tool to let students reply. Now, I introduce an example of taking attendance using the forum


If you logged in with a guest account (logged in with only your mail address), you can join a meeting in PandA but you cannot host a meeting.


If you have Instructor role and you can not access to the meetings, please choose "Students" role.

For example, you can host a meting and teachers from outside can talk as participants when you are going to ask teachers from outside to teach in a series of lectures.

If you are unable to join ZOOM meetings set up by others, you may be able to connect by temporarily changing your role.

You can change your role by clicking "Enter Access view" in the upper right corner.


You can hold zoom meetings with multiple members at the same time.


Meetings that are being held by others will be displayed with the name in Topic.

To post Kaltura videos in the class tool, select "Add Text" instead of "Add Multimedia" and post it in the "Source".



File Upload liimits : 1.5Gbyte

Quota of each sites: 20Gbyte


Some Browsers can not connect videos in Kaltura Media Gallery.
We are under investigating. (02.04.2020)
You may be able to show with following.
Mac / Safari

Uncheck the checkbox of ''Website tracking" in Privacy setting in Safari.


Set "off" "Do Not Tracking" in Settings of Safari.
Switch to the Full View.


Set "off" "Do Not Tracking" in Privacy at Security Setting.
Switch to the Full View.

Please set back after.

The "Email" tool allows you to select students and send emails to them.

Click on "Roles" under "Mail" to expand the recipients.

If you don't have the "Mail" tool on your site, please add it by going to "Site Info"

-> "Edit Tools".

Click on "Roles" under "Mail" to expand the recipients.

In the Cource Site, you will see three types of roles: Instractor, Student, and Teaching Assistant.

If you click on Student, you will see a list of your students, check the ones you want to send the email to and send it to them.


Select the icon with the three lines on the right side of the Media Gallery, click "Analytics" and you can check the access status.

Kaltura's analysis function is temporarily unavailable due to a review of security-related settings.


Sorry! This function is disabled from 6/16/2020 by the security policy of Kyoto university.

You can use the Statistics tool to see if students are accessing the resources.

However, PandA only provides an entry point for access for tools that you add with plugins such as TurnitIn, Kaltura, Zoom, Bookrool, VDI, BookRoll, etc., so please check for each tool.

You can delete your course site if you can show.
  1. Find a couse site in Worksite Setup at your My Workspace.
  2. Check in a checkbox which is localted light side of the course site title that you want to delete.
  3. Click 'Delete'
  4. After you show the message "Removing Site...", Click 'Remove'
You can recreate your sites via KULASIS even if after you deleted course sites.

if your course site is registrated others lecturer, Please inform and confilm them before deleting, if you need.

If you added Zoom plugin via "Site Info" -> "Edit Tools" -> "Plugin Tools" -> "Zoom (KU License)" and still the Zoom plugin tool is not displayed, please select "Site Info" -> "External Tools", click on Edit link for that tool you could not add, and check the mark for "Add Site Link". After saving, reload the browser to see it.

Example: How to port all the Tests & Quizes data?

Go to "Site Info", select "Import from Site", click "I would like to replace my data", select the site you want to bring the data from and click "Continue". Select what you want to bring (in this case, "Test & Quizes") and click finish.

Make sure the same tool (Test & Quizezs) must exist in the source and destination sites. Note that if you are linking to a resource tool in your content, the link information will not be automatically converted.

There might be the case that the alarm message saying
"The security certificate in this Website has a problem" displayed
in case the URL in conncecting to PandA is the
Please use https://panda.ecs.kyoto-u.ac.jp .

You can publish the information to the group members by creating the group in website and in setting the publication range of folders or the files in resource tool to the group.

  • Hypothetically you created "Instructor and TA" in clicking "Setting website"→"Control(or manage) the group"→"Create new groups".
  • Then you add "Role:Instructor" and "Role:Teaching Assistant" to "Instructor and TA" and press "update".
  • Choose "create the folder" in "Resource" and create "TA Only" subfolder.
  • Choose "Edit the details" from the "operation" in "TAOnly" and check "Only the choosen group members can browse this folder and the content" in "available/unavailable and access". Then choose "Instructor and TA" and update.

With the operation mentioned above. You can use "TA Only" which will be published only to the staff on charge and TA.You can set the group access authority in a file. However,it will be the same setting as that of parent folder ID with the setting for browsing the folder which the file belongs.

※:Access restriction is set from the users' list where the role is given. Even if you choose "Students" role" in the "display the website with the next role" shown in the upper right, the role is kept shown to the staff in charge.

There is the function to publish without authenticating resource and you can publish them to users without log-in to PandA.

  • Choose the course you are in charge to choose "resource".
  • Choose the content you want to publish and then choose "Edit the details" from "operation".
  • Choose "Whoever can browse this folder and the content in the Internet" from "available/unavailable and access".
  • Please copy the URL shown in the "Web address(URL)" , which will be the address that users will publish.
  • Click "update" and reflect the setting on.

With these operations, you can publish the resources without any authentication in announcing the URL.

Please be cautious of the copyright in publishing.

You can register the users from off- campus in using mail address.

The staff in charge of the course should register their data.

For the details, please refer to the user's manual here.

You can register the not-listed-users in setting the global access.
They can be a members of the website in clicking "Website information"→global access of "Control the access" to check "Anybody can be the member if they are the users with valid log-in ID".

How to participate:

In clicking "My work space"→"Membership"→" The website you can be a member", the website will be displayed. Please click "Be a member" then.

PandA is linked to KULASIS and we register the learners and staff in charge, however, the staff in charge is registered automatically till the last fiscal year and the learners are registered automatically till the fiscal end of year.

The users who are registered manually (Staff in charge, students, and TA) can access.

If the faculty and staff want to use the past course site, they are required to consult .

Once the learners register their course from KULASIS, the data will be linked after the next morning.
They can use it at next night at latest, the next business day.

If you are a university faculty, you should log in with the SPS-ID, and must not use ECS-ID.
If you are a student or part-time faculty, log in with ECS-ID.

Uploading copies of papers and other materials on PandA as class materials is permitted, except in cases where you would be unfairly harming the interests of copyright holders with the enforcement of Compensation System for Public Transmission for Educational Purposes.

For the scope of the subject matter permitted for class purposes, please refer to "改正著作権法第35条運用指針" https://sartras.or.jp/seido/ of SARTRAS, the designated management association.

Also, about the concept of copyright in online classes in general, please see the page "Copyright in Online Classes" at Teaching Online @ Kyoto U : https://www.highedu.kyoto-u.ac.jp/connect/teachingonline/copyright.php.

For more information on the use of the above system, please contact Education Promotion and Student Support Department through the academic affairs office of the department offering the lecture.

They have some similar functions but each of them has different purpose.

◆Learning support system (PandA)

It was introduced to support the activities of Faculty members and students in

managing classes.

It enables you to distribute the handouts for the classes, manage the submission of tasks from students, have mini test and register as a TA.

There are some functions which overlaps KULASIS and will be required to use which system to use in each classes.

Also it is the system which enables you to use with authentication of students and Faculty members, which is different from OCW, and aims to support their class activities

◆Academic affairs information system(KULASIS)

This system is for the office procedure concerning classes such as course registration, submission of results, offering and browsing syllabus etc.


This system is for publishing the teaching materials for classes


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