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Security Alert

【Caution】ゴールデンウィークの長期休暇における情報セキュリティ対策 / Information Security Measure during the golden week

publication date : Apr.20, 2020

The system managers will be absent during the golden week holidays.There might be the vase that the damages will be expanded due to the delay of measure in having incidents such as cyber attack etc during then. Please read the related information and carry out the information security measure of your server and PC.

Also, please reconfirm the system in order to manage the incidents even if there is no system manager. In case the damages occurred, please contact immediately based on "Communication Guidelines regarding Unauthorized Access".


長期休暇に備えて 2020/04

京都大学情報環境機構/Institute for Information Management and Communication,Kyoto University
情報セキュリティインシデント対応連絡要領 (学内限定) / Communication Guidelines regarding Information Security Incidents(Limited on-Campus)

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