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Security Alert

【Cautions】About the measure of Ransomware infection being expanded

publication date : Jun.28, 2017

IPA announced the cautions about the Ransomware(※) being expanded in Europe etc. The cause of infection is not specified at the moment however there is an information that the vulnerabilities of the Microsoft products, whose security batch had been released, are taken advantage of.

Please be sure to perform the following 1 to 3.

  1. Don't access to the link nor open the attached files of suspicious mail.
  2. Dissoloution of Vulnerabilitis - Amendment of the program has to be adapted.(The vulnerabilitis with the information which are taken advantage of has the things concernint Microsoft Office. Please refer to http://www.iimc.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/faq/ismo/pc/version.html and check if there is no lack of adaption in OS and Microsoft Office etc.
  3. Update the anti-virus software.

Also the daily backup is effective to reduce the damage of Ransomware. Please perform it as well as to check your backup at this chance.

※Ransomware is the combination word of "Ransom" and "Software".This illegal program is called Ransomware because it restricts the infected PC and charge in exchange for the cancellation of the restriction.

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IPA(独立行政法人 情報処理推進機構) :感染が拡大中のランサムウェアの対策について

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