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The notice to stop communication in Yoshida South campus and distant campus (March.23 05:00-07:30)

publication date : Mar.19, 2015

We will carry out the switch exchange operaion in Yoshida South campus due to some hard failure.
The place and time is as follows.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

<Dte and time>
・March.23 (Mon), 2015 between 05:00 and 07:30 (90mins)

・Whole area in Yoshida South campus
・Research Reactor Institute
・Center for Ecological Research
・Takatsuki farm atached to Graduate school of Agriculture
・Farm attached to Graduate school of Agriculture
・Geothermics research facility Volcano research center attached to Graduate school of Science
・Geothermics research facility attached to Faculty of Science(Beppu)
・Kazan observatory attached to the Faculty of Science observatory
・Disaster Prevention Research Institute catchment disaster research center (Uji river, Shionomisaki, Shirahama)
・Volcanic activity research(Sakurajima) attached toDisaster Prevention Research Institute
・Slope disaster research(Tokushima) attached to Disaster Prevention Research Institute
・Earthquake prediction research center (Abuyama,Ohsaka yama,Miyazaki,Tottori,Donzuruboh) attached to Disaster Prevention Research Institute
・Wildlife Research Center (Terashima,Yakushima observatory station, Kyoto City zoo)
・Field Science Education and Research Center(Ashio, Kii Ohshima, Hokkaido,Maizuru, Wakayama, Kamigamo, the Inland sea, Tokuyama)

・Primate Research Institute Kurisu Labo(in Inuyama monkey center)
・Graduate School of Enginerring,Department of Urban Management Labo
・Research center of General environmental quality in catchment area attached to Graduate School of Enginerring
・Kokoro Research Center (Annex)
・Shigaraki MU observatory,Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere
・Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry
・Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Science(Fushimi ku Kyoto city)
・Kita shirakawa house in Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics
・Graduate school of Advanced Integrated studies in Human Survivablity(in Invention center)
・Univ.Alumni Assoc. Hall
・Tokyo liason office(Shinagawa Inter city)
・Yokosuka Research park
・Kumano dorm, Muromachi dorm, Women's dorm, Yoshida dorm
・International House, Misasagi annex, Uji annex, Ohbaku annex,Shugakuin annex
・Seifuh Hall
・Seifuh country house office
・Cooperarion program with Graduate school of Design(KRP9 building,5th floor)
・Japanese-Italian Kyoto Hall
・Yoshida senden

The system update has been completed, and all services are now restored. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.
Period 2015.03.23 05:00 ~2015.03.23 07:30
Range affected
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