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Introducing Per-Device KUINS Account

publication date : Aug. 2, 2021

Dear KUINS users,

Information Infrastructure Division at Institute for Information Management and Communication (IIMC) has launched a new service for colleagues who wish to connect shared devices ― like all-in-one printers or tablets ― to KUINS (campus network) or outsiders who need to use KUINS temporarily: per-device KUINS account.

Admins or operators of a KUINS-III VLAN (Virtual LAN with a private IP address) can create per-device accounts on KUINSDB. As these accounts are linked to that VLAN, VLAN admins don't have to transfer all the accounts they created to their successors in a personnel reshuffle ― all they have to do is hand over their VLAN.

See our website for more information on how to create an account for devices :


  • When you connect your device with a per-device KUINS account, our system will see its MAC address and decide whether it should be allowed to connect to your VLAN. Devices that support MAC randomization, such as iPads with iPadOS 14 or later, must turn off the feature to connect KUINS.

  • To protect our campus network against information security threats, we may ask VLAN admins or operators to review per-device accounts they created regularly. Though the service is available for free for the time being, we are also considering charging them for these accounts in the future.

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