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Regarding the change of the default operation of proxy auto-detection in KUINS-III

publication date : Jun. 4, 2020

To access to off-campus from KUINS-III, it is necessary to use proxy or NAT.
Normally, it is not necessary to pay special attention to the setting because the setting is automatically performed by the mechanism of automatic proxy detection.
Please see:Proxy Service.

We have decided to change the settings for proxy auto-detection from "Proxy connection" to "Via NAT" at the end of July 2020. As a result, if you select "I do not use NAT" for the KUINS-III VLAN application in KUINS DB (the registration database with KUINS connection device), you may not be able to access outside the university.
Many VLANs are applied with the setting of "NAT", so they are not affected. If you need to access the outside of the campus in some VLANs that "I do not NAT" is selected, you need to explicitly specify the proxy server of the above site instead of "Automatic detection" in the terminal settings.
Alternatively, you can change to "NAT" when applying for VLAN.
We will contact each VLAN administrator who corresponds to this matter individually before setting. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We plan to change the IP address of the proxy server to be set and the server that acquires the setting information in automatic detection. At the same time, we will inform you about this matter (It will be changed from KUINS-III to KUINS-II.)
Normally, it is referred to by the name "proxy.kuins.net", so there is no effect of changing the IP address unless special settings are made.
The official host name of the proxy server provided by KUINS-II is "proxy.kuins.kyoto-u.ac.jp", but you can still use the former host name "proxy.kuins.net".

If you have any questions regarding this change or setting method, please contact us using inquiry form below.

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