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To students who graduate or leave from Kyoto University in March

publication date : Mar. 9, 2015

Preparation for the New Academic Year on ECS-ID (Student account )and Educational Computer System

Students who graduate or retire from Kyoto University in March, please read this.

The information of handling of ECS-ID is here.

You can't use your ECS-ID and Student e-mail address after April 1, 2015.

Please complete the following procedure until March 31, 2015.

1. Backup necessary files and e-mails.

Please delete files after backup.

(1) How to backup necessary files

Login to a PC terminal of Educational Computer System and save necessary files to a USB thumb drive. CD/DVD writing is not available on the PC.

(2) How to backup necessary e-mails

- Download your e-mails to your own PC using your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, ETC)

- Import your emails to any mail services (Gmail, Hotmail)
Please refer to the following FAQ.

2. Forward e-mails of KUMOI to your other e-mail address you frequently use.

E-mails sent to KUMOI will be forwarded for about three months after your account is suspended.
Please refer to the FAQ of "How to set mail forwarding in KUMOI".

3. Please inform your new e-mail address to the people concerned.

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