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Important Notice: Illegal Downloading

publication date : Aug. 7, 2012

To all Students, Faculty and Staff of Kyoto University,

We wish to advise all members of the university against illegal downloading. Please remember that it is illegal to download sound files (music, voice, ring-tones, etc.) or video files (movie films, television programs, etc.) that are uploaded in violation of copyright laws. Even if for personal use, downloading those files is prohibited . As of October 1, 2012, such illegal downloading becomes subject to criminal punishment of up to two years imprisonment or a fine of up to two million yen, or both, by virtue of the revised Japanese Copyright Law. The revised Law also makes it illegal to copy or reproduce copy-protected DVDs and video game software by means of "ripping software" etc.

The Kyoto University network (including the Kyoto University Integrated Information Network System [KUINS] and its wireless networks) is intended to support the university’s education and research undertakings, and must not be used for unrelated purposes. If illegal downloading is confirmed, the network connection will be cut off and the university will take action against the perpetrator.

Using P2P file-sharing software (e.g. Winny, BitTorrent, FlashGet, eMule, Xunlei) on the university network is prohibited by the rules governing its use. In general, such P2P software simultaneously uploads files while downloading. Uploading (making transmittable) copyrighted works is a punishable offence under Japanese law. We ask that students, faculty and staff be sure to heed the laws regarding sharing and reproducing of copyrighted material both at home and in the university.

Important Notice: Illegal Downloading (PDF:63KB)

Please check out information sources below to familiarize yourself with Japanese Copyright Law.

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    Agency for Cultural Affairs

Rules for Using the Kyoto University Campus wide Information System and Conditions for Use (in Japanese)
All Kyoto University students, faculty and staff are required to adhere to the following regulations and conditions:
  ・Rules for Using the Kyoto University Campus wide Information System
  ・Kyoto University Network System: Conditions for Use

Issued by:
The Chief Information Security Officer
Kyoto University

Inquiry 京都大学 情報部 情報基盤課 情報セキュリティ対策室

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