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Learning Support System (PandA)


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Learning Support Service (PandA)

We started the learning support system called PandA by Sakai from the first semester of 2013.Faculty members and students use contents connected with their classes from WWW browser in this service.In getting this service it requires to use students' account(ECS-ID) and Faculty and Staff's account(SPS-ID)

Coordination with PandA and opening course website, course registration

PandA is coordinated with KULASIS and subjects, faculty members in charge and the information about the courses are registered automatically, however, there are a few subject in some faculty and research section.

Please click here to refer the condition of coordination.

【To faculty and staff】

In opening the website please refer to the manual for Faculty members in the following link. The condition of the coordination will be updated depending on the condition of Faculty, Research section and KULASIS. You can't open the course site from KULASIS which has 「-」in the course link tool of subject, course coordinating information in PandA. If you request to open the subject which is not coordinated, please send the application form to Education Support group.

We will open the project website for the subject not coordinate with KULASIS. Please send project website application form to the Education Support group. (The project website is not be able to be coordinated with the course information.)




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