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E-Learning for the security information

Under the Campus Information Security Committee, all members including student, faculty and staff, must take e-Learning programs on “Information Security” at Kyoto University from a view point of safe and effective usage of information and information technology.
All members take "information security e-Learning" as soon as possible.
The Kyoto University's “information security e-Learning” has been operated on "Moodle training site and Shibboleth federation” provided by NII (National Institute of Informatics).  For taking the program, please login accordance with the following procedures of Shibboleth federation.  Here faculty and staff account (SPS-ID) or student account (ECS-ID) are available.


1. Login and Notes on use

1.1. Login

Materials in e-Learning are as follows. After learning materials by each, you should take some kinds of test, by all means. You cannot get the completed status without taking the tests. Please click on the link corresponding to your position for taking the e-Learning.

■ Login for Student

  • Information System Application Rules and its Information Security ( Japanese / English )

■ Login for Faculty and staff

  • Information System Application Rules and its Information Security ( Japanese / English )

Supplementary on Materials

  1. Information System Application Rules and its Information Security
    Material on security policy at Kyoto University and the information for using the university's information systems
  2. Princess Rinrin
    Material on Information ethics provided by National Institute of Informatics
  3. Rating rules on information at Kyoto University
    Material regarding the rating of the information handled by faculty and staff.

1.2. Authentication via GakuNin (Shibboleth)

  1. Select 『京都大学』(Kyoto University) as your institution.
  2. Fill the form to sign in with your ECS(Students)/SPS-ID(Staff) and password.
    (This screen may not appear.)
  3. Confirm and send your information.
    (2)Send your information

1.3. Procedure of taking course materials

I'll explain when you choose a princess Rinrin.

  1. Registration
    Click 『Enroll me』marked by a red circle.
  2. Select course materials
  3. Taking course caterials
    Click 『Enter』marked by a red circle.
  4. Each course material
    ・In case of Princess Rinrin
    By all means, you should take “Final Test” of bottom menu after learning the course.

    ・In case of Information System Application Rules and its Information Security:
    By all means, you should take “Final Test” after learning the course.

    First, you learn the course.
    You can take the following “Final Test(Rules on the Use of information Systems)” by click

    ・Steps to expand the visible portion of the materials

1.4. Notes on use

  • We might inform your status of taking the security information e-Learning, to the head of your department as well as university-wide Information Security Committee.
  • When you login the Moodle courses site, it is possible to edit the profile of you.  But you SHOULD NOT input your personal information such as name and e-mail address.  If you input the information, your profile will be open to unknown person.
  • If you have no student account (ECS-ID), please contact the helpdesk at South Building of Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies.
  • If you have no faculty and staff account (SPS-ID), please contact the general affair staff of your department.