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Single Sign-on Service

What is single sign-on?

When you use several Web systems and log in to any one of them, you do not have to log in to the other systems. Single sign-on is a system by which logging in to one of these systems logs you in to all of them.

For example, two such systems are Kyoto University groupware and Common Portal for All Students.

Outline of services

At Kyoto University, we use a Web single sign-on system called Shibboleth that is compliant with SAML. Shibboleth provides a Web login environment in which both SPS-IDs and ECS-IDs can be used.n Shibboleth, the Service Provider (SP) or system that provides electronic content, is separate from the Identity Provider (IdP) or system that provides the login for users.With Shibboleth, the SP and IdP are different organizations, but single sign-on is possible with it.

This service is made possible through the university's participation in the Academic Authentication Federation (called "GakuNin") promoted by the National Institute of Informatics. Please refer to the GakuNin's technical guide when constructing an SP.

Environments in which Shibboleth can be used

It is available on VM (virtual machine)Hosting service, and other web servers. Furthermore, here you can see the services using Shibboleth for Kyoto University faculty, staff and students.

Application for use of services

Apply from here to use these services.

The usage


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