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Kyoto University Integrated Network System (KUINS) FAQ

Wireless LAN

What should I check if I cannot connect to Wi-Fi?

Please check the following points.

(1) Is your ID, password valid?
・For connecting to KUINS-Air, ECS-ID(Students)/SPS-ID(Faculty and Staff) is required.
In order to check ECS-ID/SPS-ID is correct, please click one of the following links and confirm if you can successfully login.

【KUMOI : Kyoto University Mail for Student】

【KUMail : Kyoto University Mail for Faculty and Staff】

・For connecting to eduroam, eduroam account or visitor account is required. (Please click here for details.)
Please be sure to enter ID, password correctly and also confirm the expiry date.

(2) Are you in the available area of KUINS Wi-Fi?
If radio wave is not strong enough, you will possibly fail to connect to Wi-Fi. Once you missed, the authentication may fail for some time. Please wait for a while then try again in the area where you can find the strong radio wave. The location of Wi-Fi access points is here.(Currently only in Japanese. Sorry.)

(3) Is the clock in your PC correct?
The connection error might occur if the clock in your PC/terminal is not correct. Please set the exact time and try again.

(4) Is the setting correct?
eduroam basically requires manual setting. Please refer to the user guide. Even though you checked the above points but still cannot connect to KUINS-Air or eduroam, please delete the setting first then try to setup again. To delete the setting, please refer to this link.

(5) Is the intermediate certificate/root certificate installed?
Depending on the PC/terminal, the intermediate certificateor root certificate might be required. Please refer to the installation procedure here. As for Android, you are asked to name the certificate when you click the download link. Assign a name as you like and click OK. Then downloading will be finished. Or, you need to download the certificate in your Windows PC first, then save it in SD card. Install it in Android from [Settings > Security > install via SD card(storage)]. If you install root certificate file on Android, please select the downloaded "SCRoot2ca.cer" file in CA certificate field when you configure the Wi-Fi connection.

(6) Is the selection of CA certificate etc correct? (In case of Android)
Depending on Android OS version etc, CA certificate needs to be selected. Please refer to this link.

(7) Have you used "Kyodai Rakuraku setting tool"? (In case of macOS, iOS(iPad,iPhone))
Please refer to this link then try to set up again.

Even though you checked the above points but still cannot connect to KUINS Wi-Fi, please write down the building name, room number and the date/time where/when you tried to connect, your ID (password is not necessary), the error message etc. in the below inquiry form.


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