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Kyoto University Integrated Network System (KUINS) FAQ

Connection from Off-campus

I can’t connect to a virtual private network (VPN) on my Windows 10 (1903) PC.

If you try an IKEv2 connection in Windows 10 (1903) which is the latest version as of July 24th, 2019 by using SPS-ID / ECS-ID and your password, the screen to enter your ID and password will not be displayed and your connection will end in failure.

It seems that there is a bug on Windows 10 (1903).
The following workarounds are effective.

Please check for updates in Windows Update first, as updates are automatically distributed to fix the problem.

[Workaround No.1]
If you change your authentication method into the client certificate authentication, you will be able to connect it.

[Workaround No.2]
Please set up as below.

  1. If you choose [Windows Setting]-[Network & Internet]-[VPN], the list of VPN connections will be displayed.
    ※To reach [Windows Setting], click the windows mark at the bottom left hand corner and click ⚙ (a gear mark). Then, [Windows Setting] will be displayed.
  2. If you click the IKEv2 setting, the button for connection will be displayed. Please click it.
  3. 3. The screen to enter you ID and password will be displayed. Then, you will be able to connect it.


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