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Kyoto University Integrated Network System (KUINS) FAQ

Connection from Off-campus

The connection error in IKEv2

The causes are considered to be the following 3.

In case the IKEv2 is unavailable for the following restriction, please try Open VPN.

(1) The restriction of router

First of all, please confirm the contract provider(The maker of the router you had purchased or the router provider) if IKEv2 connection or IPSec connection is available or not.

・The name of setting item differs depending on the model however the settings of "VPN pass-through" or "VPN multi pass-through" should be "Valid" in the broad band router at home etc .

(Please refer to the manuals of router.)

(2) The restriction at network environment

・Please confirm the provider because there is a restriction in the contracted provider. 500/UDP port and ESP are used, but if the terminal has private address under NAT, 4500/UDP port are used instead of ESP.

・Please confirm the network manager because there is a restriction in the network provided in the institute.

・There are cases that it is unavailable in the hotel or with the public wireless LAN service.

(3) The restriction in the anti-virus software

Please check the manual because there is a case that the connection is restricted due to the anti-virus software.


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