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Kyoto University Integrated Network System (KUINS) FAQ

On-campus Network(KUINS)

About VLAN?
  • VLAN stands for "Virtual LAN" and is the virtual network group independent from the physical connection style. It enables to connect to the same network even if located far from the laboratory in the same campus.Usually, we can't communicate between different VLANs.
  • "VLANs communication"
    • We want to connect the VLANs between different campus
    • We want to connect even if the administrators of the VLAN are different
    It will support the personal requests for connection like above.
    It is possible to have one-way connection setting such as "From VLAN-A to VLAN-B".
    Even if there are connections between VLAN-A and VLAN-B,VLAN-B and VLAN-C, there are no connections between VLAN-A and VLAN-C.

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