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All University Mail FAQ


The mails received in KUMail are deleted without any operations

(Due to the function of automatic deletion in KUMail)

Emails with "Trash" and "Junk Mail" labels will be deleted after 30 days.

(Due to the deletion setting in mailer)

In downloading the mails from KUMail with mailer(POP3), there might be the case that the mails in server are set to delete after downloading or designated days had passed after downloading.

Please check the settings of the mailer.

[Microsoft Outlook] "Tool">"Account setting">"Change" in e-mail account>"Details" in Internet e-mail settings>Please confirm that you had checked "Put the copies of the messages in server" and uncheck "Delete from the server" displayed in the screen "Detailed settings" in "Internet e-mail settings".

[Mozilla Thunderbird] "Tool">"Account setting"> Please confirm that you had checked "Store the messages in server after downloading" and uncheck "Delete the messages which had been stored for more than xx days after downloading"displayed in the screen "Detailed settings" in "Internet e-mail settings" displayed in the screen "server settings" at the left side.


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