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What happens is that even if you sign out from the student e-mail account, the previous screen is displayed again sometimes.

Although we are requesting Microsoft to make some improvements related to Office 365, which is used for the student e-mail service, so far we see no progress on this matter.

We are sorry such problems occur, but please exit the browser and finish your session.

What happens is that even if you sign out from the student e-mail account, the previous screen is displayed again sometimes.

Although we are requesting Microsoft to make some improvements related to Office 365, which is used for the student e-mail service, so far we see no progress on this matter.

We are sorry such problems occur, but please exit the browser and finish your session.

In Office 365 for student e-mail you cannot change the sender's address due to settings made for security reasons.

If you have another e-mail account, you can send the e-mails there by using the "Connecting to an e-mail account button".

By using Microsoft: Outlook on the web, you can make this connection for Office 365. In some cases it cannot be used due to the settings of the e-mail address provider.

Also be careful because it may cause problems related to e-mail sending.

In logging in the Microsoft service with COOP account, the troubles you mention occur in using KUMOI.
In cancelling the log in with COOP account, it will be available.

Please sign out the system in case you log in https://portal.office.com with COOP account.
In case you can't sign out, please try the operation 2).

2) If you clear the Cache of your browser to connect to KUMOI again, it will be available.

If you install several browsers in your PC, please access with another browser to access from https://mail.st.kyoto-u.ac.jp, it will be available.
(Example:Using chrome at the same time in using IE.)

You can use from e-mail software, but we do not support the use of KUMOI from e-mail software. You should configure your e-mail software by yourself. Please refer to the following URL for the settings of your e-mail software.


We provide an example of configuration in some e-mail software as follows.

Windows Thunderbird 11: o365mailsoft.pdf(japanese)

In the above example, we explain the use of KUMOI by IMAP. In general, e-mail software does not store your e-mails in your PC when using IMAP. If you want to store them, you need another configuration in your e-mail software. The configuration may be found by searching webpages with keywords of "[your e-mail software] imap backup" or others.

In Gmail, you can fetch e-mails by POP3. The following is the procedure to configure POP3, and you can use it for your responsibility because we do not assure that the following procedure works correctly.

Lifelong email and Kumail are Gmail. However, the following methods are unavailable (June 30th, 2020). Please use your own Gmail.

  • 1. Log in to Gmail.
  • 2. Click [Configure] (a geer wheel icon on the upper-right).
  • 3. Select [E-mail Configuration]
  • 4. Click [Accounts and Import]
  • 5. Click [Add my POP3 e-mail account]
  • 6. Input necessary information.
    • e-mail address: your KUMOI e-mail address
    • Username: [ECS-ID]@st.kyoto-u.ac.jp (if your ECS-ID is a00XXXY, use a00XXXY@st.kyoto-u.ac.jp)
    • Password: [password of your ECS-ID]
    • POP Server: outlook.office365.com (If you can not connect this server. plase set " outlook-japan.office365.com" )
    • Port: 995
    • Enable "Leave copy of received e-mails"
    • Enable "Use SSL to fetch e-mails"
  • 7. Click "Add Account"
  • 8. Click [No] in [Configure to send e-mails], and click "Finish."

In setting students' mail forwarded from the option of Office365, the mails won't be stored and just comes to forwarding address if you uncheck "Keep the copy of the forwarded messages".

Also, the mails won't be delivered to the forwarding address set from the All-University account management in Kyoto University.

Something like error message will be displayed without reflection even if I change the display name from my account of OutlookWebApp(OWA).
Unfortunately users can't change the display name of OWA in Office365, Kyoto University.
Please use the mail software if you want to change the display name of in sending mails.

The incoming mails will be shifted to the low priority mail folder,Clutter in Web interface for students' mail.

The microsoft Co.,Ltd, which provides KUMOI, announced that the low priority mail(Clutter) function will be implemented with default on from June,2015 in order.

  • Low priority mail(Clutter)

The function which was set for users to distinguish only the important mails in the inbox.Clutter shift the low priority mails to the Clutter folder with the rote learning engine and the inbox will be sorted easily. Users don't have to check the unnecessary mails by this and they can concentrate on the important matters.

There might be the case that the incoming mails will be sorted to the low priority mail folder without setting or operation. Please be noted that.

Turn off Clutter in Outlook

When I tried to use the students' mail from portal, Office365 log in screen was displayed.

Office365 login

The above screen will be displayed in failing to authenticate and link between mails and portal.

In this case it will be available either of the following measure.、

1.Please enter your mail address for students,kyodai.tarou.12a@st.kyoto-u.ac.jp (sample) in the item, and shift the cursor to password.

The ID authentication screen of Kyoto University will be displayed, then enter your ID/password again to log in.

2.Please close your browser(restart your PC) and try authentication again.

The connection to the smtp server of KUMOI through Gmail cannot be available because of Timeout in Gmail.

You can see the limitations in KUMOI website. Log in to KUMOI, click "?" on the upper right of the inbox window, and choose "help." In help window, enter "limitation" in the search field on the upper side of the window, and press enter. You can see various limitations, such as size and the number of attached files in the message and receivers limitation item.
If you use other e-mail software or POP3 retrieving function in other free e-mail services (sometimes you are not aware of it), e-mails in the inbox may disappear. An easy way to investigate the problem is to change the password of your ECS-ID and see that the problem occurs again. If the problem continues, please consult the support desk of IIMC. You may be able to recover e-mails deleted from "Recover deleted items..." shown by right-click the "deleted items" in the inbox of OWA.
This error occurs when opening PDF files attached to e-mails on OWA of KUMOI. We disable the PDF preview function (WebReady document preview service) due to security reasons. Please save the files to the local computer, and open them.

If you cannot log in from http://mail.st.kyoto-u.ac.jp/, you are asked to confirm whether you can log in to https://ecs.iimc.kyoto-u.ac.jp/. If you cannot log in to both, your password seems to be wrong. If you want to reset your password, please consult at the support desk in ACCMS South Building with your student ID card or faculty ID card.

If you change your ECS-ID password, you cannot log in for an hour because it takes up to an hour to reflect password changes in our system. If you cannot log in, wait for a while and retry later.

An error message is displayed in the white screen when you log in to KUMOI by Internet Explorer. The problem may be solved by the following methods.

  • 1.Delete Cookies
    • 1.Click [Tools] - [Delete History].
    • 2.Click [Delete Files] in [Temporary Internet Files].
    • 3.Click [Delete Cookie] in [Cookie].
    • 4.Click [Yes] in the confirmation message window to delete it.
    • 5.Open new window, and log in to KUMOI.
  • 2.Reset configuration of Internet Explorer.
    • Refer to the following URL: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/923737
In KUMOI, URLs for protocols other than those specified as safe (http, https, mailto, ftp, etc) are regarded as unsafe and replaced with . You cannot check unsafe URLs from Web App. You can see the unsafe URLs when you receive e-mail software such as Outlook.
  1. Click [Login to Setting] in [Re-set of password & e-mail forward], and input your ECS-ID and password.
  2. Choose [Set mail forwarding] from the menu, and set e-mail addresses to forward e-mails.

PCs connected to KUINS3 in laboratories (wired/wireless) cannot directly communicate with servers outside Kyoto University, and you cannot receive e-mails from servers outside Kyoto University in KUINS3.

Servers in KUMOI are located outside Kyoto University, and you may not be able to receive e-mails from KUMOI by e-mail software for above reason.

In some cases, you can use KUMOI by changing configuration of network devices in laboratories. Please consult with network administrators in your laboratory.

Problem: When using KUMOI by Google Chrome, the browser do not respond to the button [Select files].

This problem may occur when Silverlight (A web browser plugin) is not enabled in Google Chrome.
To enable Silverlight in Google Chrome, please refer to the following.

  • 1. Start Google Chrome, expand the list of menu on the upper-right, and open "Configuration"
  • 2. Click "Details" in the bottom of configuration window, and choose "Configuration of contents" in "Privacy" area.
  • 3. Confirm that [Execute Automatically (Recommended)] in the [Plugin] item is enabled in the contents configuration window.
  • 4. Next, click [Disable Plugins] in the [Plugin] item.
  • 5. A list of plugins available in Google Chrome is shown. Please confirm that "Silverlight" is enabled. If not enabled, click "Enable."
    If "Silverlight" is not included in the list of plugins, download and install from the following URLs.
    [Get Silverlight] http://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/get-started/install/default.aspx

  • 6. Restart Google Chrome, and access KUMOI again.

This message appears when "From" in an e-mail is not your e-mail address. Clear "From" fields, click "From" on the left and choose your e-mail address.

If this message appears every time you send an e-mail, an add-on in your browser may be affected. You should disable add-ons that causes the problem.

  • Example) Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)
    • 1. Click [Tools] - [Manage Add-Ons] on the upper menu or a gear wheel icon and choose [Manage Add-Ons]
    • 2. You see a list of add-ons installed. Select add-ons enabled and click [Disable] one by one. Some add-ons requires to restart the browser for disabling.
    • 3. Re-create a new e-mail, and confirm that you can send the e-mail.
    • 4. Repeat the above procedure and disable add-ons that affect to send an e-mail.

    This problem may be solved by updating your browser to the latest version, or using other browsers. The system requirements of KUMOI depends on Office365 because KUMOI uses Office365 for Education operated by Microsoft Corporation.

  • Browser Recommendation in Office365
    • Internet Explorer - The latest version and one version before the latest one
      Firefox, Chrome, Safari - The latest versions.

    If the problem is still not solved after you update your browser to the latest version, disabling some add-ons or extensions may help to resolve the issue. The following is the procedure to disable add-ons in Internet Explorer 11.

    • 1. Click [Tools] - [Manage Add-Ons] on the upper menu or a gear wheel icon and choose [Manage Add-Ons]
    • 2. You see a list of add-ons installed. Select add-ons enabled and click [Disable] one by one. Some add-ons requires to restart the browser for disabling.

    I want to fetch e-mails in KUMOI to Gmail or Hotmail. https://www.iimc.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/faq/mail/kumoiUse/q44gmailhotmail.html


    In case you become a staff from the student,you can use POP3 feature in KUMail to fetch only e-mails in inbox of KUMOI.

    Please refer to kumoi2kumail.pdf for more information.

    If you access KUMOI just after you have activated your ECS-ID, the error "X-OWA-Error: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.UserHasNoMailboxException" or others occur, and you cannnot use KUMOI.

    KUMOI becomes available in the next day of your activation, and you should try again in the afternoon of the next day of your activation. Please contact to the support desk if you cannot log in although you have already activated two or more days before.

    This issue is reported since August 2014. - Cannot connect to KUMOI with mail app in Mac OS X - Become unavailable to connect to KUMOI with mail app in Mac OS X. You can connect to KUMOI via IMAP in mail app version 6 and other e-mails software such as Mozilla Thunderbird. Some people reported that use of "Exchange" instead of "IMAP" resolve the issue in mail app version 7.

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